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SEO and Relationship Building for Local Businesses

SEO and Relationship Building for Local Businesses

Whether the operation that you run is large or small, every business needs a web site.
As more and more consumers join the online revolution, it is no longer enough to advertise what you do and the things you have to offer in traditional ‘offline’ ways. Every one of those consumers is a prospect and potential customer for your business, and it is therefore imperative that you get your message out to as many of them as possible, and that means using the internet.
No matter how much of a

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Internet Marketing Cookery – Bake Your Online Success With Easy-To-Use Recipes

The only Internet Marketing cook book that guarantees the most satisfying splendors for your financial prosperity.

In INTERNET MARKETING COOKERY, the author has adapted a refreshing approach to teach beginners and intermediate Internet marketers many winning strategies in online business.

Formatting his lessons a la a cook book style, the reader is given a plethora of recipes that would give them the ingredients and specific instructions to brew their own success.


List Price: $ 1.99


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